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January 16th, 2005

04:56 pm
More members have been keeping journals...must keep track and find time to comment soon...

A job well done. Keep up the good work. And of course, do not forget your responsibilities as the Head of the Assassins Department.

We have a new assassin rookie, codename 'Lupus'. You'll be in charge of training him and whipping him up into shape.

According to the comments on your journal, you met a police officer by the name of Dan Taichi. While I trust that you've not divulged any yakuza secrets to the officer, I do hope that incidents of this kind do not occur again in the future.
Oh, and I believe Hana-chan [aka Hana-sama] has a mission for you. She'll give you the details soon.

Yes, we need to meet up soon. I still have files to pass to you.

Now what did you do? Now these rumours are going all over the place, each one more ridiculous than the other...it's a good thing that Hana-chan controlled the situation. Otherwise...

That's all I have to say. Any members with any questions, feel free to comment on this post.

Over and out.
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December 28th, 2004

10:45 am - Late, yes...
A belated Merry Christmas to all. How did you enjoy your holidays? *smirks~*

Atobe-sama Keigo-chan
Miss you already. Did you like your present? *smirk~*

When are you free? I have some important files to pass to you.

Everyone else
Prepare for an onslaught of missions. A lot of things can happen in the last week of the year.

Anyone with questions, feel free to leave it in your comments.

Over and out.
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November 30th, 2004

03:01 pm
I do not get annoyed easily, thank you very much. But those remaining 9 businessmen are really stretching my patience.

According to Sky-san, only 1 out of the 10 has returned the loan and the interest. The remaining 9 claim that they're broke. Bankrupt. Broke? We'll see about that...

To Black Widow: I'm free for this entire week. When would you want me to come down for the inspection?

To Joker: Thank you for your help. Will transfer your tip to your bank account.

To Jackal: Well done. I expect you to better your standard during your next assignment. Atobe-sama will give you details when the time comes.

To Mask and Mace: Do we have any more new rookies coming in? Be sure to whip them up into shape, Atobe-same might just come down to check on you and the rookies when he's in one of his moods again.

To Mumbles: Are you done with the collection of information? Be sure to notify either me or Atobe-sama once you're done.

To Ryuu: I've found a new business partner. I'll leave the contact information on your journal.

To Sky-san: We'll get Mumbles to hack into the bank accounts of the remaining 9. If they're not bankrupt as they claim they are, you're allowed to engage at most three assassins to kill them. We've given them too many chances.

To Tenshi: Found any new information about anything yet? If there are any new info about future raids not found in the Keisatsu computer systems, please notify me or Atobe-sama about it.

To Keigo-chanAtobe-sama: You ought to calm down instead of hitting out at the departments like that. How about a lunch date to chill you out? *smirks*

As usua, if any one of you have any questions, feel free to pose it in your comments.

Over and out.
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November 24th, 2004

09:14 am
Everything is going along just fine. Except I haven't engaged Keigo-chan on that dinner date yet.

All I need now are:
-A report from Sky Cougar. Those 10 businessmen are really testing my patience...

-The information concerning future Keisatsu raids from Mumbles. The deadline is 27th November. You can take down the bank account numbers and online account passwords if you want. It may come in handy.

-Atobe's agreement. Surely you don't want to lose to another person, right? *smirks*

That's all for now. Members, if you have any questions, you're welcome to post it in your comments.

Over and out.
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November 22nd, 2004

06:41 pm
Online journals were all the rage during my last few school years. I never expected that I would actually need to keep one for my job. Omoroi na...

Now where to go for dinner tonight? Le French? Or should I travel further? Maybe I should invite Keigo-chanAtobe along...but then again, he's always playing the hard-to-get target and might turn me down again...hmmm...

Things to do:
1. Contact Mumbles and tell him the details of his pending assignments.
2. Contact Saeki and ask him about the shipment from Russia.
3. Contact Ochibi to see if he has received any important info.
4. Contact Jackal and pass him the details of the next possible target.
5. Contact Sky Cougar to check on his progress with the 10 who still owes us money.

And last, but not least,
6. Get Keigo-chan to accompany me for dinner. *smirks*
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Current Music: Secret Moon - Oshitari Yuushi

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